Windows Dedicated Servers Hosting in Bangalore

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Solution in Bangalore.

Exclusive Windows Dedicated server for hosting.

Windows Dedicated Hosting provides a dedicated server with Windows operating system for exclusive use

Windows Dedicated Server Peak Performance in Bangalore

Experience hosting excellence like never before with Hostcats’ Windows Dedicated Servers in Bangalore. Our state-of-the-art data centers ensure redundancy, top-tier hardware, and high-speed SSD/NVMe storage, guaranteeing uninterrupted data transfer and exceptional performance. Customize your experience by selecting your preferred Windows OS, and enjoy the convenience of administrative RDP access.

Harness the power of Microsoft Windows Server 2016/2019 OS and Hyper-V Hypervisor with support for ASP .NET, MS SQL, and IIS—all with no setup fees. Rest assured, your website’s security is our top priority as we proudly reside in Tier 4 Indian Data Centers. Choose Hostcats for hosting excellence that sets you apart!

Why Choose Hostcats for dedicated windows server in Bangalore

High-powered Intel Xeon Processors: Our dedicated servers are powered by advanced Intel Xeon processors, designed for lightning-fast computing. With multiple CPU cores, our servers effortlessly handle even the most demanding websites and applications.

Blazing 10 Gbps Network: Experience unparalleled loading speeds with our 10 Gbps network. Our redundant network infrastructure enhances website and application performance, ensuring swift page loading for an exceptional user experience.

SSL Encryption: Protect your online data with a complimentary SSL certificate. SSL encryption safeguards sensitive information and deters intruders, making it an essential feature for any website or web application.

Root/Administrative Access: Enjoy administrator-level authority with RDP access. You can manage and customize server files, configurations, and securely transfer files using SFTP, ensuring complete control.

Quick Provisioning: At Hostcats, we prioritize your convenience. Our experts swiftly deploy your dedicated server within 4 hours of your order, installing your chosen operating system and control panel without delay.

No Setup Fees: We handle the entire setup process, including the operating system and control panel installation, at no extra cost. You pay only for your hosting plan without any hidden fees.

Host Unlimited Websites: With our dedicated windows server, you have total control over configurations and resources. server to host website as you desire, using your allocated resources without limitations.

Server Migration: Switching to Hostcats is hassle-free. Our skilled team ensures a seamless transfer of all your website files and folders to your new server, guaranteeing zero data loss.

Optimized Enterprise Hardware: We employ cutting-edge enterprise-grade hardware to deliver optimal power and performance. Our dedicated windows servers are designed for efficiency, ensuring your website or applications perform at their best.

Hostcats Managed Dedicated Server Windows in Bangalore

VPS Hosting

High-Performance Windows Hosting

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Hostcats’ Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in bangalore, powered by NVMe technology, offers exceptional performance.

Virtual Server

Robust Built-In Security

What sets us apart? We proudly stand as the sole hosting service in India to provide an unparalleled control panel fortified with robust security features, prioritizing the safeguarding of your website’s integrity as our utmost priority.

Web Hosting

dedicated low cost Guarantee

Our unwavering commitment to network reliability is epitomized by our ironclad low-latency guarantee, ensuring exceptionally smooth and efficient server performance across the board.

Shared Hosting

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers:

At Hostcats, we provide fully managed dedicated servers for Windows hosting. We handle everything from updates and maintenance, so you can focus on your business.

Wordpress Hosting

Extensive Server Options

Choose from a wide range of high-end cloud Dedicated Windows web servers and Linux Dedicated Server plans, all at cost-effective prices. If you require high-performance, our Bare Metal Servers are available at affordable rates.

Cloud Hosting

Expert Assistance:

If you’re unsure about your hosting needs, don’t worry. Our experts are here to help you tailor the perfect solution. We’ll ensure you get precisely what you need to streamline your business within your timeline.

Benefits from Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in Bangalore

High-Traffic Websites: Windows Dedicated Servers are tailor-made for high-traffic websites that demand robust performance and consistent uptime. They provide the necessary resources to handle heavy website traffic without compromising on speed or reliability.

Large Enterprises: For large enterprises with extensive server requirements, Windows Dedicated Servers offer the scalability and flexibility needed to support complex operations. They can accommodate a wide range of applications and services efficiently.

Ample Storage Capacity: These servers come with ample storage capacity, ensuring that businesses can store and manage their growing volumes of data effectively. Whether it’s databases, media files, or other content, Windows Dedicated Servers can handle it all.

Top-Notch Security: Security is paramount, especially for businesses dealing with sensitive data. Hostcats’ Windows Dedicated Servers are equipped with robust security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and regular updates, providing a secure environment for data and applications.

Ideal for SMEs: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often experience rapid growth. Windows Dedicated Servers from Hostcats offer SMEs the stability and reliability needed to support their expansion, allowing them to focus on business growth rather than worrying about server performance.

Unlimited Storage: With unlimited storage options, businesses can scale their data storage requirements without constraints. This flexibility ensures that as your data needs increase, your server can seamlessly accommodate the growth, eliminating worries about running out of storage space.

Advantages of Hostcats Dedicated Server Hosting Windows in Bangalore

Tailored for Your Needs: Our Windows Server Hosting Dedicated offers complete customization, allowing you to choose the ideal operating system that suits your requirements perfectly.

Total Command Over Your Virtual Environment: With Hostcats, you gain full control over your virtual environment, empowering you to configure and manage it according to your preferences.

Rock-Solid Disaster Recovery Solutions: Rest easy knowing that our robust disaster recovery cloud solutions are in place to safeguard your data and keep your business running, even in challenging times.

Stay Up-to-Date with Software: We take care of regular software updates, ensuring your server remains secure and up-to-date without any hassle.

Cost Savings on Hardware: By opting for Hostcats’ Dedicated Windows Server Hosting, you can significantly reduce hardware expenditures, saving valuable resources for other aspects of your business.

Streamlined Collaboration: Our hosting solutions promote a collaborative approach to cloud-based workflow and file sharing applications, enhancing your team’s productivity and connectivity.


Windows Dedicated Servers offer high performance, security, and customization. They are suitable for businesses that require robust hosting solutions.

Yes, you have full control over a Windows Dedicated Server, allowing you to install and configure custom software as needed for your specific requirements.

Hostcats manages server hardware and network connectivity. You are responsible for configuring and maintaining the server's software, applications, and security settings.

Hostcats offers various Windows Server versions, including Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022, depending on your preference and compatibility requirements.

Yes, Hostcats provides technical support to assist with server-related issues, ensuring your server runs smoothly.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Windows Dedicated Server plan to accommodate changing business needs. Contact our support team for assistance.

Hostcats offers backup solutions to safeguard your data. You can choose from various backup options to ensure data recovery in case of emergencies.

We implement security measures like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security updates to protect your Windows Dedicated Server. However, you are responsible for configuring application-level security.

Yes, you can host multiple websites on a Windows Dedicated Server by configuring virtual hosts or utilizing web hosting control panels based on your requirements.