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Hostcats is the most well known name in the web hosting market. We provide the best windows VPS hosting service to our customers at a very affordable rate. Our customers are most important to us so we do everything in our power to increase the quality of our services to make our customers feel utterly satisfied.

Web hosting service bangalore

The Bangalore web hosting services have become highly popular in the recent days but finding an affordable web hosting service is not the easiest thing to do. But that is not the case anymore as Hostcats, the best web hosting company in Bangalore is here to provide you with the best web hosting services.

With the popularisation of the internet, more and more people are joining the online realm which has made the World Wide Web a potential marketplace for promoting your business to gain new customers and to boost the sales. Hence, the web hosting in India has become one of the most important services. There are several hosting websites in India but when it comes to quality of the services and affordability then no one can deny that Hostcats is the champion among all the best web hosting sites in India.

In this digital era, web hosting services have become a necessity. Every company needs sufficient space to in the computer or server to vouchsafe and store their data and highly secret information. Web hosting ensures the safety of critical information as thus preventing it from the severe threats.

Web Hosting: What is it?

Being the best hosting providers in India, we always try to provide our customers only the best. From the most affordable packages to the most exquisite services and unparalleled customers support, you will be able to avail everything from Hostcats, the top web hosting company Bangalore.

Being the best hosting website in Bangalore, our main obligation is always towards our clients. Hence, we offer our clientele the best web hosting plans Bangalore so that they can avail the services of highest quality at the most affordable price. Avail the best web hosting services from Hostcats and build the most perfect website for your business.

The Various Types of Web Hosting You Must Know:

The are different types of web hosting that differ from each other if we consider the general aspects such as the server speed, control, reliability, storage capacity and the requirement of technical knowledge. It can be further categorised into Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting. For detailed knowledge, let’s find out how each work:

Shared Hosting: When you select shared hosting, you have to share the space with several other sites. It may be few or thousands depending on the web hosting company you select. From RAM to CPU you may have to share a common pool of the server resources with other sites. It is perfect for those websites which have moderate traffic and runs on standard software. When you are running low on budget, you can select the shared hosting as the rate for this service is extremely low. It is usually known as the entry level hosting option as such an individual requires minimum knowledge to handle this server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS): When we talk about server level, if the website actually needs good control over it but do not have enough budget to spend on a dedicated server then VPS hosting is best. In a virtual private server hosting, a server is divided into virtual servers. Each company’s website is usually hosted on their very own dedicated server but in reality, they are actually sharing their server with several other users.

Dedicated Server Hosting:  It is very costly as you are offered an entire to store your website or websites. It gives better performance compared to VPS and shared hosting and you are given maximum control as if you are renting an entire server.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is a professional level hosting service which is best suited for the websites that witness large traffic. It offers you the ability to handle traffic spikes and prevents your website from getting jeopardised due to large traffic. A cloud server is basically a group of different servers functioning together to host websites that generate huge web traffic and offers them the ability to handle it perfectly.

There are several companies in the Indian market which offer web hosting services. But before availing the web hosting India services, do your research to know what type of hosting will best suited for your website and choose the company that provides the best service at an affordable price.

The world is going online and so are all kinds of businesses. One of the most profitable business strategies of the modern era is the E-Commerce. It is basically a website that deals with marketing, selling, advertising and even receiving the payments all through the same online platform.

But before creating a website you need to address the website by a unique name,and that is what a domain is. With the increase in popularity for websites in nearly all types of business, there are a number of companies that offers you that unique domain name at lower prices. Several types of domain names are available like .com, .net, .in, .co.in and few others as well.

Why is it important to register a domain name?

While .in and .co.in are particularly designated to India or you can say they are domains in India the rest are used globally. Choosing a perfect domain name for your website can be a troublesome job but you will have to choose a name which will be unique, short and easy to remember. Your domain provider can help you to choose a domain name or else you can choose it yourself. Always remember that your domain name is your identity in the cyberspace thus it is important to have a unique name registered for your domain.

The customers will use your domain name to reach out to you. When they will search your domain name in the search engines or in the address bar of their browser they will be able to reach your website. Domains in India are sold by different companies, and after registering your domain name you become the owner of the domain. Thus in future, you can choose to sell, renew or transfer your domain name or to just let it expire.

Domain names serve a number of purposes. It gives your brand a permanent online address that cannot be owned by anyone else until you sell it. Even if you change your business model or your target customers, your online address i.e. the domain name will not change. It adds to the trust and credibility part as well. Customers get an assurance that your brand is legitimate and thus it exponentially increases your profits.

Some facts about domains that you need to know

We will discuss a few tips you to help you choose the best name for your Domains in India.

  • The domain name you choose has to be unique, there cannot exist two websites of same domain names. There are search tools available to check the availability of the domain name.
  • The domain name cannot contain any spaces, and must only use letters, numbers and hyphens. Though your domain name cannot start with a hyphen.
  • While choosing the name for domains in India; always remember the shorter and simpler the name is, the easier it is to remember and type.
  • Incorporating a keyword in your domain name will give the best search engine results and thus easily noticeable. Don’t just use the name of your company but use a combination of the name and a keyword that people often search.

Make a wise decision while choosing the domain name, as they can boost up your business and create a good foothold in the online market.

As the whole wave of having an online platform is circling around the globe, its the right time for you to understand that in this competitive market it is practically impossible to sustain without having a website for your organisation or business. While creating a website the first step is the web design you are looking for that can give your company a notch above the rest and make it stand out from the busy crowd. Multiply your customers reach and give them the power to choose the right brand and all this can be possible if you have a good foothold on the web designing part.

How to choose the right company to design your website?

We will discuss a few points that can help you choose the right agency for your web designing needs.

  • Recognising the Bottom line- If you are unclear about the main contents, your aim and goal then your website will lose its integrity over the time. Web-designing India has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and with the right knowing of what you want, there are innumerable designing agencies you can hire without compromising on the budget. A new launching website requires brand awareness while an e-commerce website focuses mainly on maintaining the customer base, return on investment (ROI) and conversion of sales. It is important you realise your need and focus on achieving the goal.
  • Tally the cost Vs value – One of the most important factors that come into play is the cost. Web-designing India demands a pocket-friendly budget else there’s no way to move ahead. It is important you understand that if you compromise too much on the budget now, in the long run, will get compromised returns. Learn where to spend the extra dollars and from where you can get returns.
  • Knowing the track record- While hiring the agency, make sure to do research on the track record. It is not always necessary that a good agency has to be old in the market; new agencies also provide galactic ideas. Check how much the agency understands your industry and what their previous solutions to a similar problem were.
  • Communication- An agency who knows the web-designing would also love to make you aware of the certain facts and figures. Communication plays an important role, and if you ever realise that you are losing on the talking part, then it is time you lose out on the agency.
  • Understand the strategy- A good web designing agency will have a unique strategy for every business. Good strategy increases the trust value, strong sense of authority and also transparency with the customers.
  • Maintaining the relation- This is where a good agency differs from the usual ones. A professionally stable good agency will always maintain a healthy relation even after your website is published. They will assist you in your analytic reporting and ensure that your website is reaching the goals if you have set for.

Web designing is not just about how your website looks but the most important thing in the designing of a website is the content. Follow the above tips and choose a company which will not only make your website attractive but will also design the content of your website in such a way that it makes a permanent impact on the minds of the online audience.

What more we offer


We provide quality hosting services along with unlimited resources. We set our hosting plans in such a way that it provides you with all the benefits at a most affordable cost. From the exclusive features like maximum security, full up time, free domain names and unparalleled customer support to some custom made features, we offer it all to make sure that your website is safer, secured, faster and in better hands than anywhere else in this hosting market. Get 24/7 support from our executives and let your business touch new heights.

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Every company requires a perfect website which not only makes the content of the site appealing to the customers but also plays a big part in providing you with the best ranks in the search engine results. We make sure that your website is designed in such a way that it attracts your customers while extending the boundaries of your business. Our website design plans also include best services on SEO so that you get the best rankings in the search engine results. With our extraordinary services and unparalleled support, you will be able to get the best website that meets your all online business requirements.

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Domains serve as the address of your website. It plays a vital role and thus, we ensure to provide the best. Domains help the visitors of your website to find you easily on the online real. We help to find you the best domain names at an affordable rate which are not only short and unique but also provide you with a multitude of advantages. We excel in web hosting, premium and expired domain names and e-mails. Do not limit yourself to few customers as you have miles to go with our expert help and assistant.

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In the world of digital marketing, you will always have to be one step ahead of your competitors to gain a competitive edge over them and the technique of search engine optimization is the best weapon in your arsenal which can get you what you seek. We provide the best SEO services to provide your website with the best ranks in the search engine results. We are adept at using the Google AdWords and Google Analytics software to which we help you to make your website fully search engine optimized so that your customers or buyers can easily locate your website in the search engines. With our extraordinary support and dexterous SEO services, you will be able to generate more traffic and take your online business to a whole new level.

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To increase your sales and to gain new customers, you need to have a good marketing strategy which will connect you with your clientele. That is why you need to avail the bulk SMS services which will make you feel connected with your customers like never before. Our bulk SMS packages are designed so that everyone can easily afford them irrespective of their budgetary constraints. Moreover, we provide extraordinary 24/7 customer support along with our services, hence you will always be able to avail the solutions to your problems. Tune into our best bulk SMS plans and tell your customers about the exciting deals that you are offering by sending text messages at a very low rate.

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Dedicated servers are no doubt, one of the best web hosting solutions that you can avail for your website. But the packages of most of the companies are too heavily priced which makes it impossible for most of the people to get them. We at Hostcats.com try to provide our customers with the best dedicated servers India packages at most affordable rates so that everyone can avail the services they require.