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Rs 39/month
Best for Starting A Website
5 GB Diskspace
10 GB Bandwidth
1 Website
5 Email accounts
1 Databases
Select Duration in Cart page
1 Year at 46/month
2 Years at 44/month
3 Years at 39/month
Rs 71/month
Best for Small Websites
10 GB Diskspace
20 GB Bandwidth
2 Websites
10 Email accounts
2 Databases
Select Duration in Cart page
1 Year at 83/month
2 Years at 79/month
3 Years at 71/month
Rs 115/month
Best for Corporate Websites
15 GB Diskspace
30 GB Bandwidth
3 Websites
20 Email accounts
3 Databases
Select Duration in Cart page
1 Year at 129/month
2 Years at 122/month
3 Years at 115/month
Rs 155/month
Best for Medium Traffic Websites
25 GB Diskspace
50 GB Bandwidth
4 Websites
50 Email accounts
4 Databases
Select Duration in Cart page
1 Year at 184/month
2 Years at 175/month
3 Years at 155/month



It’s been a long time for us, having walked on this lonely, challenging, and yet extremely gratifying journey of entrepreneurship. We’ve been around for as long as the Internet has been and it’s been a journey with so many stories to tell that we’d need a separate “internal” blog just to keep up with our own experiences.

At hostcats.com, we don’t just do “hosting”. Nor do we do sell just servers and web design.We are a people-oriented company and we see our staff and our customers as people. You know, humans with needs? We believe in work ethics that you’d think we are nuts for still sticking to our traditional values. Talking about values, that’s exactly what we put on priority. Read More>>

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The Bangalore web hosting services have become highly popular in recent days but finding an affordable web hosting service is not the easiest thing to do. But that is not the case anymore as Hostcats, the best web hosting company Bangalore is here to provide you with the best web hosting services.

With the popularisation of the internet, more and more people are joining the online realm which has made the World Wide Web a potential marketplace for promoting your business to gain new customers and to boost the sales. Hence, web hosting in India has become one of the most important services. There are several hosting websites in India but when it comes to quality of the services and affordability then no one can deny that Hostcats is the champion among all the best web hosting sites in India.

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Dedicated servers are no doubt, one of the best web hosting solutions that you can avail of your website. But the packages of most of the companies are too heavily priced which makes it impossible for most of the people to get them. At Hostcats the best web hosting company Bangalore will provide customers with the Best dedicated server packages at most affordable rates so that everyone can avail the best services of there requirement.

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