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Enhance Your Hosting Experience with Hostcats Cloud Server Hosting

Offers an all-encompassing cloud server hosting solution crafted to elevate your hosting experience. Revel in the flexibility to tailor your resources precisely and harness auto-scaling capabilities to meet your business’s ever-changing needs. Enjoy cost-efficiency with the option of Reserved Instances, optimizing your budget management. Experience heightened performance through finely tuned storage solutions, ensuring swift data retrieval and processing. Attain seamless traffic distribution with load balancing, delivering a flawless user experience. Our redundant infrastructure guarantees top-tier availability and data security, safeguarding your business’s continuity.

Effortlessly oversee your cloud server with user-friendly control panels, granting you complete control and customization. Rely on our dedicated technical support team for comprehensive assistance, ensuring your operations run without a hitch. Place your trust in Hostcats’ cloud server hosting to equip your business with reliability, scalability, and advanced features, freeing you to concentrate on growth and triumph. Unleash your business’s full potential with Hostcats’ optimized cloud hosting solution.

Our Hosting Give You More features is a pioneer in the field of web hosting and domain services who is dedicated towards our customers for rendering best quality services to our customers at an affordable price.

VPS Hosting

Rise in Performance

Total assurance of optimum performance, the servers offered by us have been assembled and configured by us. You will enjoy seamless performance as we use Intel next-generation architecture. The NVMe SSD storage combined with highly resilient infrastructure covers you from all directions.

Virtual Server

A Committed Environment

When you sign up with us, you will get admin access on the virtual server. All the hardware resources you own can be used for hosting websites and business applications. The server environment provided by our VPS range helps in better management of the web projects you are running.

Web Hosting


Experience a hassle-free VPS solution with freedom from hardware constraints, technical issues, and the need for upgrades. Enjoy total control over your virtual server, along with web hosting control panels, and choose from pre-installed Linux and Windows operating systems.

Shared Hosting

Non-stop Traffic

Our VPS server provides unlimited traffic and handles up to 2Gbit/s bandwidth, ensuring seamless performance for your services and applications, even those requiring higher bandwidth. Your website visitors will enjoy a smooth browsing experience, all without any additional costs.

Wordpress Hosting

Safe Backups

We have VPS backup options too, which is an external storage space, here you can securely keep all the data. Our control panel is very intuitive and user-friendly as well. It has a snapshot option so that you can take a picture of the virtual server with just a few clicks.

Cloud Hosting


You can effortlessly host all business applications in both production and pre-production environments without any hold-ups with our VPS solutions. We promise minimal latency, maximum hardware availability, certified by SLA, for a stable and consistently reliable service.

Discover the Benefits of Hostcats’ Cloud Servers:

Cost-Effective Efficiency: Hostcats recognizes the importance of your business’s focus. We offer budget-friendly solutions, charging based on resource usage. By reducing operational expenses, we empower you to prioritize core activities, efficiently achieving your business objectives while maintaining the most competitive pricing in India.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our cloud server hosting is powered by the latest, state-of-the-art hardware and software. We ensure over 10G web connectivity between each hub/VMs and employ advanced backup and restoration solutions with multiple incremental backups for every cloud instance.

Time-Saving Setup: Opt for our solution and save valuable time on setup and installation. Our technology surpasses others, guaranteeing swifter performance and streamlined operations. Enjoy the advantages of our advanced technology while effortlessly optimizing your processes.

Automated Efficiency: With our fully automated solution, you can eliminate the need to hire a dedicated team for task management. Our support team is readily available to address your concerns and provide optimal solutions. Experience hassle-free operations and rely on our expert support for a seamless experience.

Enhancing Cloud Security – Crucial Steps and Advanced Tools

Affordable Pricing: Hostcats offers cost-effective solutions to ensure your cloud security without breaking the bank.

CSF Firewall: Utilize the ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF), a trusted software firewall for Linux servers. It effectively manages incoming and outgoing network traffic, bolstering your server’s security.

Reliability and Security: Based on client requirements, set up Imunify360, a comprehensive web server security solution. Imunify360 provides proactive protection against malware, viruses, and web-based threats, enhancing overall server safety.

Indian Datacenter: Benefit from our Indian datacenter, ensuring secure and reliable hosting services.

PHP Execution Log: OVIPanel offers a unique option to allow PHP execution logs. This feature helps prevent hacking attempts by monitoring PHP file uploads and ensuring security.

Support: Rely on our expert support team for assistance in securing your cloud server.

Secure Upload: Implement secure file upload measures, including file type validation, malware scanning, and appropriate permissions to prevent malicious file uploads.

High Performance: Enhance server security with a Web Application Firewall (WAF) powered by Apache mod_security. WAF filters and monitors incoming web traffic, safeguarding your server from potential threats and attacks.

DDoS Protection & Auto Scale: Ensure the safety and scalability of your cloud server with DDoS protection and auto scaling features.

Security Log: Access a comprehensive security log detailing security-related events and system activities. Identify potential vulnerabilities, enhancing proactive risk mitigation.

Learn More About Cloud Server

There is no clear explanation given by any standard organization for what is cloud hosting, the generally trusted terms are:

With our solution, you have access to resources on demand, allowing you to meet the surge in traffic effectively. Scale up your resources as needed, ensuring availability during peak times. Experience seamless performance and uninterrupted service with our flexible and scalable infrastructure.

Effortlessly scale CPU, RAM, Compute, Storage, and other resources based on your needs with our solution. Enjoy the convenience of customizable resource allocation for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Our solution provides a user-friendly dashboard for clients to easily monitor resource usage and manage it themselves, empowering them with control and visibility over their hosting environment. Experience a seamless and intuitive self-service style of resource management with our dedicated dashboard.

Experience the benefits of auto-scaling in the cloud, allowing for vertical or horizontal scaling based on demand. Hostcats cloud hosting in India fulfills all your requirements, ensuring scalability, performance, and reliability for your business..


Hostcats Linux Cloud Servers offer greater flexibility and scalability compared to traditional hosting. You can easily adjust resources to meet your needs, and they are less susceptible to downtime.

Hostcats Linux Cloud Servers support a wide range of operating systems, including various Linux distributions and Windows Server editions.

You can manage your Linux Cloud Server through Hostcats' user-friendly control panel, which allows you to perform tasks like scaling resources, monitoring performance, and installing applications.

Hostcats takes security seriously and implements measures like firewalls, regular backups, and security updates to protect your data.

Yes, you can easily adjust your Linux Cloud Server's CPU, RAM, and storage resources to match your requirements.

Hostcats offers 24/7 technical support to assist you with any issues or questions related to your Linux Cloud Server.

Yes, Hostcats provides backup solutions to ensure the safety of your data. Regular backups are available for your peace of mind.

Absolutely! Hostcats Linux Cloud Servers are suitable for hosting e-commerce websites, offering the scalability and performance required for online stores.

To get started, simply visit Hostcats' website, select the Linux Cloud Server plan that suits your needs, and follow the setup instructions. Hostcats' support team is available to assist you through the process