Private Cloud Solutions Affordable at HostCats Bangalore

Private cloud at Hostcats Bangalore.

Private cloud offers secure scalability.

This offers Dedicated, Secure Hosting Environment for Business Operations, Data, and Applications.

Discover Our Private Cloud Solutions for Hostcats Bangalore

At Hostcats, we specialize in delivering fully managed private cloud solutions crafted to meet our customers’ unique needs. Our private cloud setups are swiftly deployable, offering a maximum capacity of up to 1000 Virtual Machines (VMs) and bandwidth ranging from 500GB to 1TB. Your data is secured with state-of-the-art security measures, including firewalls and backup & restore options.

We leverage a range of cutting-edge technologies to create your private cloud environment, including VMWare, Proxmox, OpenStack, CloudStack, and OpenNebula. Our services go beyond just setup – we provide comprehensive training to your team in cloud technology and handle all aspects of support and maintenance.

With over a decade of experience, our team of experts meticulously maintains multiple large public cloud setups. After extensive evaluation of various cloud technologies, we have identified VMware and Proxmox as the top cloud solutions due to their exceptional stability, security, and scalability.

Hostcats’ Private Cloud Solutions offer the perfect blend of flexibility, security, and scalability to meet your business’s cloud computing needs.

Hostcats’ Proficiency in Private Cloud Providers in Bangalore

CSF Firewall – Advanced Security
At Hostcats, we bring years of expertise to Private Cloud solutions. Our advanced CSF Firewall ensures robust security, safeguarding your cloud infrastructure.

Seamless Cloud Migration
Experience a pain-free migration of your web application to our Hostcats platform, absolutely FREE. If you witness improved loading speed and enhanced performance, you can opt to continue with us, reaping the benefits of our managed private cloud hosting services.

Imunify360 Setup – Enhanced Protection
We prioritize high availability in our intricately designed cloud platform. It guarantees exceptional uptime across all components, offering a reliable and seamless experience through our managed private cloud hosting in Bangalore. Unleash unparalleled performance and effortless scalability, setting new benchmarks for your digital journey.

PHP Execution Log – Simplified Operations
Let us handle the intricacies of setting up your cloud infrastructure while providing continuous guidance throughout the process. Alternatively, you can choose our managed private cloud hosting services, ensuring a smooth experience in the realm of private cloud hosting in Bangalore.

Secure Upload – Complete Security
Enjoy the full spectrum of managed cloud solutions with Hostcats. Our comprehensive services ensure your cloud environment receives expert attention from top cloud professionals in Bangalore, reinforcing our commitment to private cloud hosting in Bangalore.

WAF (Apache mod security) – Top-Notch Security
Our cloud infrastructure is powered by Proxmox, globally renowned for its robustness and reliability in private cloud hosting in Bangalore.

Security Log – Enhanced Monitoring
For superior performance, you have the option to select dedicated bandwidth. Alternatively, each of our private cloud instances includes shared bandwidth, catering to your specific requirements for private cloud hosting in Bangalore.

Maldet Scanner (panel) – Advanced Scanning
Experience remarkable scalability for your platform whenever the need arises, whether it involves additional disk space, increased processing capacity, or other instances. Our private cloud Bangalore solution is celebrated for its exceptional scalability.

Unblock Spam Mail – Efficient Filtering
Benefit from superior support services, a hallmark of Hostcats. We are esteemed as one of the premier hosting and cloud support providers in Bangalore, recognized for our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding private cloud hosting support.

Why you choose Hostcats for private cloud hosting in Bangalore

Cost Efficiency

Hosting with Hostcats leads to reduced operational costs, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses.

Enhanced Data Security

Hostcats ensures enhanced data security, reducing the risks associated with data loss and unauthorized access.

Real-time Malware Scans

Experience real-time malware injection scans to protect your website and data.

User-Friendly Interface

Hostcats offers a user-friendly interface and a service-oriented approach for a seamless hosting experience.

PHP Vulnerability Checks

Benefit from real-time PHP vulnerability checks to keep your website secure and up to date.

Resource Sharing

Businesses can seamlessly share resources on a unified platform, optimizing resource utilization.

Resource Optimization

Maximize resource usage through techniques like virtualization, ensuring efficient operations.

Independent Setup

Users have the freedom to independently set up services and configurations according to their requirements.

Scalable Capacity

Hostcats offers the illusion of limitless, on-the-spot capacity, allowing you to scale your resources as needed without constraints.

Hostcats – Your Premier Private Cloud service provider Partner in Bangalore

Hostcats stands as a top-tier private cloud hosting provider in India. Our private cloud hosting servers offer ease of use and are available at a budget-friendly price point. When you entrust Hostcats with your private cloud hosting needs, you gain access to a plethora of reliable features. Moreover, our private cloud servers are the epitome of speed and security in the industry. Plus, they come at an affordable cost. We offer a range of private cloud hosting packages, and all our private cloud servers support popular operating systems like Linux and Windows OS.

By opting for our private cloud services, you distance yourself from shared resources. Thus, we recommend our private cloud services to businesses with fluctuating computing requirements. In such scenarios, website owners require direct control over their environments, a necessity driven by regulatory compliance. With the proper implementation of our private cloud services, you unlock the same advantages found in public clouds. These benefits encompass scalability, virtual machine configuration, and the ability to provision, modify, or optimize computing resources. Additionally, organizations can implement chargeback tools to monitor computing usage, ensuring that you pay solely for the resources you utilize.

Fortify Your private cloud services providers Network with Comprehensive Security in Bangalore

Private/Direct Bandwidth: Benefit from secure and dedicated network access through private and direct bandwidth connections from ISPs, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable connectivity.

Dedicated Physical Firewall: Strengthen your network’s security with the option to deploy dedicated physical firewalls both before and after endpoints, providing an additional layer of defense against potential threats.

Software/Application Firewall: Implement software or application firewalls to safeguard your systems and data from a variety of external threats, ensuring that your network remains protected.

Secured Internal Data Transfer: We employ secured switches for internal data transfers, reducing the risk of data breaches and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Workload Portability: Our innovative private cloud solutions offer the flexibility to manage and optimize workloads in the most suitable locations and on the appropriate infrastructure without the need for extensive redesign. This means you can migrate applications to the cloud without the hassle of re-architecting them and scale your environment across various cloud deployments seamlessly.

Data Authority, Protection, and Compliance: Optimize your workload management, protection, and compliance requirements by running each workload in its ideal environment. Avoid unnecessary migrations or modernizations that could expose your business to increased risks.

Features of Private Cloud providers in Bangalore

Backup & Restore: Under our managed private cloud hosting, we provide comprehensive backup and restore solutions. You can choose from standard backup services or opt for advanced enterprise backup options like Veeam Backup and Acronis backup and recovery solutions. Factors to consider when choosing backup services include proximity to the backup location, speed of restoration, backup frequency, and restoration options.

Service-Oriented Approach (SOA) Benefits: Managed private cloud hosting takes an efficient service-oriented approach to infrastructure management and deployment. Benefit from the ability to spin up servers within seconds, watch your applications scale seamlessly, and embrace an IT service delivery model that enhances your business operations.

Remote Accessibility and Mobility: In today’s business landscape, managed private cloud hosting offers essential mobility for you and your workforce. A well-implemented private cloud simplifies business management, boosts employee productivity, and provides the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Managed Support & Troubleshooting: We offer comprehensive 24/7 managed support for your private cloud hosting setup. Whether you need assistance with setup, handover, or ongoing troubleshooting, our team is here to assist you. We specialize in setting up and supporting private clouds, both on-premise and off-premise, tailored to your specific requirements. Opt for fully managed support to navigate the complexities effortlessly.


In Private Cloud, resources are isolated for a single organization, offering greater security and customization, whereas Public Cloud resources are shared among multiple users.

Private Cloud offers improved security, compliance, scalability, and control over data and resources, making it ideal for organizations with specific needs.

Yes, Private Cloud is typically more secure as it provides dedicated resources, isolated networks, and the ability to implement strict security measures tailored to the organization's requirements.

Yes, Private Cloud environments are highly customizable. You can configure resources, security settings, and software to align with your business needs.

Data privacy is maintained through strict access controls, encryption, and physical security measures, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data.

While Private Cloud is often associated with larger enterprises, it can be tailored to suit the needs and budgets of small businesses that require enhanced security and control.

Yes, Private Cloud allows for resource scaling to accommodate changing business demands, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

A Private Cloud is dedicated to a single organization, while a Hybrid Cloud combines Private and Public Cloud resources, offering flexibility and data sharing between environments.

Migrating to a Private Cloud involves planning, data transfer, and configuration. Hostcats' team of experts can assist with the seamless transition to your Private Cloud environment.