HostCats is focused on delivering virtual datacenter services to our customers via remote management tools incorporated into the customer management portal and available over the SSL VPN gateway to the private service network. HostCats engineers act as virtual onsite technicians to facilitate enterprise quality hosting services. Through the use of IPMI 2.0 server technologies, remote management software, out-of-band management, automated OS reloads, and other proprietary HostCats methodologies; HostCats brings the datacenter and hosting environments to the virtual realm, giving customers complete control over the outsourced environment.


Choosing the right datacenter is important. Our Datacenter brings you state-of-the-art datacenter infrastructure and heightened protection for your data.


Redundant generators and UPS's for true back up power. stored diesel fuel on site. Unlike other DC's, we conduct full load test's once a month


Riser system providing diverse riser capacity for fibers and cable. Pre-installed diverse 3" innerducts with pull boxes on every floor are available.


Environmental conditioning is achieved with multiple redundant Temperature control and humidity are maintained and monitored and checked once an hour.


Our Datacenter is engineered for 150 watts per SF of AC power. We have a redundant A&B fed UPS system. , each feed is powered by a N+1 redundant generator. There are 2 city water feeds with a backup artisian well for cooling.


All New Hostcats Facility! Our secure data center is a 10,000 SF fully built-out carrier grade collocation with an additional 30,000 to grow into. The facility was developed to withstand any major catastrophic event and provide the highest level of security available to maintain data.


Hostcats Data Centres deliver highly reliable, secure and flexible data centre services

Hostcats always delivers the best data center services to customers by using the most competent and latest technology available on the market. We have our data centers in India and in various other parts of the world. It is time to switch to our data center services at very cheap rates and bring your hosting environment into a virtual realm.

Uninterrupted Power. Uninterrupted Commerce.
Your business demands constant connectivity. Our network is geared to give you that.
Direct connections with an increase in performance metrics | Bandwidth availability is STM 16 – STM 64 | Ring network redundancy available at switch level | Neutrality: carrier neutral and network neutral | Interconnections: cross connection to any carrier with dedicated cabling, testing, tagging and termination | Flexible bandwidth : Blended, Burstable and Capped bandwidth based on data transfer requirements | Two paths of fiber routing to the datacenter ensuring ‘no hops and no downtime’ | Structured cables in line with Tier IV standards We use multiple service providers to keep your business online in any eventuality.

Fire detection – Central fire alarm system notification.

Managed ladder racks and fiber trays insure that tenants can quickly and reliably interconnect with each other.

We take our Support Services very seriously. Our 24×7 Forever support is primed and ready for any eventuality. 80% of our staff is dedicated to technical/customer support. They are qualified, experienced and informed. Our fail safe escalation matrix ensures that whatever the nature of the query, a solution is found quickly.

At Our Datacenter, we have always strived to set standards for the industry. In keeping with that credo, we employ only best-of-breed equipment, high performance servers and advanced network devices.

Armed officers on-site 24/7. All guest are subject to security screening and access clearance procedures. Access is available 24/7/365

250 lbs per SF

8 feet 6 inches clear over raised floor. Total area of raised floor is 10,000Sq/feet with an additional 30,000Sq/feet.

  • Private local loop wireless access up to 1 gigabit
  • Licensed microwave links
  • Dedicated internet connectivity

Our network infrastructure provides customers with reliable connectivity and fast performance, which includes around the clock reporting, notification and monitoring. We host multiple Tier 1 Internet carriers with multiple fully lit OCx connections that provide over a hundred gigabytes per second of network capacity. The data center deploys multiple carrier agnostic SONET fiber and OCx connections for maximum dependability and redundancy.

Our facility has multiple levels of security including card access points and exterior and interior video surveillance. All visitors undergo screening.

Our facility is engineered with a redundant uninterruptable power system for AC backup generators for seamless power.

Our facility utilizes best in class environmental Liebert units to control and monitor the humidity and temperature.

We are fully equipped with smoke and heat detection sensors as well as fire doors and handheld gas based fire extinguishers.

Redundant generators
Redundant network infrastructure
Multiple UPS systems
Redundant substation power provided
Controlled temperature and humidity via multiple CRAC units.

Our datacenter is served by two 33KV lines from two different power generating sources i.e. Hydropower and Thermal power. Apart from the redundant power sources DG backup is supported with (N+N) configuration and HSD Tanks Capacity of 30 KL (expandable). At distribution level UPS (uninterrupted power supply system with 2(N+1) configuration and a Dual Bus power architecture up to rack level.
This kind of multiple redundancy helps us to achieve 99.995% power uptimes.

We protect our datacenter with the worlds best precision-based environment control systems. These systems allow us to precisely monitor and maintain temperature and humidity at optimal levels.

Our datacenter has 2-hours fire rated doors and walls. Multiple monitors are wired to heat sensors and detect smoke particles as small as 5 microns. Also installed is VESDA (Very early smoke detection) which detects fire even before the smoke becomes visible. Eco-friendly, residue-free FM200 gas will ensure any actual fire suppression without damage to equipment.

Security for your data comes with our impenetrable SIX ZONE SECURITYTM system. Unwanted visitors will never make it in.
Gunmen at entrance and exit gates
Man-trap at the datacenter entrance
24/7 security throughout the datacenter
Three levels of bio-metric access control for the server area
24/7 CCTV monitoring
Restriction of access to visitors, if any
Identification check with proof of photo ID
Entry into data center only with escort
Retention of photos and video footage for 30 days

10 Mbps, 100Mbps and 1 Gbs Metro Ethernet Available
Wireless redundancy
Local Loop Access and redundant Internet with access to multiple Tier 1 providers.
OCx connectivity
Diverse fiber entry points from OC-12 to OC-192
Burstable bandwidth

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