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when you renew* - Rs.2145/mo
Rs 1823.25/month
1024 MB RAM
60 GB Disk Space
750 GB Bandwidth
cPanel / WHM
Free Setup
IP address - 1
when you renew* - Rs.2915/mo
Rs 2477.75/month
2048 MB RAM
100 GB Disk Space
1000 GB Bandwidth
cPanel / WHM
Free Setup
IP address - 1
when you renew* - Rs.4235/mo
Rs 3599.75/month
3072 MB RAM
125 GB Disk space
1250 GB Bandwidth
cPanel / WHM
Free Setup
IP address - 1
when you renew* - Rs.5555/mo
Rs 4721.75/month
4096 MB RAM
150 GB Disk space
1500 GB Bandwidth
cPanel / WHM
Free Setup
IP address - 1

Managed VPS Hosting providers

Hostcats is Ultimate VPS hosting service providers India

VPS hosting is one of the best hosting services that you can avail of your website. Hostcats being the best web hosting company in the country provides the VPS servers India services of highest quality to the customers. Get the best services from us and give your website a new life.

If you ought to choose the best VPS server providers India then there is one name that should come to your mind first, Hostcats. The Linux VPS Server India has gained much popularity due to the rising threats to the online security. With the advancement of the online processes, the security threats have also increased drastically; hence, you need to ensure the maximum security for your website in the current situation. The VPS server hosting is the best choice that you can make to protect your website against all the online threats.

Hostcats offering the best Linux VPS hosting in India

Being the best VPS Server providers India, we always try to provide the best to our clients. We offer the best Bangalore Linux VPS hosting services to our clients, at the most affordable rates so that they can avail them and protect their websites against any unforeseen threats while enjoying limitless benefits.

Being the best VPS servers providers India, we offer the best Managed VPS servers plans Bangalore to our clients. Our packages are designed in such a manner that everyone irrespective of their budgetary constraints can avail them and enjoy the most exquisite features of the Linux VPS hosting. Avail the best Linux VPS Server in India from Hostcats to enjoy the most exquisite benefits.