Hostcats.com Service Level Agreement is a manifestation of our everlasting commitment towards providing unmatched levels of technical support, customer service and customer care. Our technical support team has proven expertise in keeping our networks and servers operational at optimum levels along with cordial and top caliber service to our clientele. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) allows you continued peace of mind as it is made to ensure you get a service which is one of the best in the industry.

The Service Level Agreement published below here is applicable for all our dedicated server,vps,shared hosting customers. Eligibility for performance credits or refunds will be determinable based on Hostcats.com in-house monitoring system statistics and the customer shall abide by it and accept the integrity of all such measurements.

24/7 Server Reboot

We ensure our qualified engineers are on-site at our data centres 24/7 to manage and maintain your server. So, should the need arise, we will reboot your servers, physical or remote, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year without any cost to you.

Round-The-Clock Technical Support

Hostcats.com technical support team will be on standby to assist customers at any time i.e. 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a year including national holidays. We do not charge customers for any technical support tasks or trouble-shooting.

Server Level Monitoring

All dedicated servers, vps, shared servers system performs a standard check of all active ports and services functional on the server after every five minutes A notification is raised which determines that either a service or a port has failed(recognized by the system) when the monitoring system does not receive a response from the respective server, Hostcats.com will make every attempt to restart services which have failed, However, it will be the customer’s prerogative to provide a plan or layout of procedural routine to be followed during such times.The server owner / customer has to define the operational steps which they wish to be followed at times of a service or port failure.

Advanced Support

This includes antivirus protection as well as firewall based security. Hostcats.com classifies “server anti-virus” as file based anti-virus software which when installed on the customer’s server affords protection against Trojans and malicious viruses. The anti-virus program will be modernized / updated on routinely and on all such occasions will also include a full scale scan of the server on which it is installed. Regular updates / alerts / information regarding any such viral content will be passed on to the customer for their reference. All such content would be systematically deleted / quarantined only on the customer’s itself.

General Server Examination

Hostcats.com would gladly accept any request from customers to examine their server. This examination would cover resource usage, i.e consumption of hard-disk space, memory usage, processor load levels, bandwidth usage and any other general configuration of the OS or the hardware of the server. All such requests are carried out by an engineer who is not less than level II. At the end of an examination, an up-to-date rating of your server’s performance would be provided and suggestions / recommendations (if needed) would be put forth to the client for their consideration.

Miscellaneous Server Maintenance

Support activities such as operating system updates, patching of operating systems, and installations of security patches, service packs, hot fixes and kernel updates are a part of the miscellaneous server maintenance service which is done on an uninterrupted basis from time to time after fixed intervals. Miscellaneous maintenance is also inclusive of installation / configuration of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that are used to sniff out data packets transferred over our network which helps advanced understanding of the activities occurring on your server. Typically, an IDS distinguishes the various network packets which make up the traffic to and out of your server on pre-defined ports, and also drop harmful malicious network packets approaching your server.

Hostcats.com makes every attempt to send prior notifications & post updation notices whenever possible, however these cannot be guaranteed.

Service Downtime

Service Downtime is a period of previously unplanned interruption of services wherein the customer is unable to access the Hostcats.com network and /or the server. Such an interruption should have been caused as a result of a problem / snag / issue within the immediate network segments of Hostcats.com and should have been confirmed by the company. Downtime is measured as the sum of all the period(s) (in case there has been more than one such instance) within a calendar month. For any such period of service unavailability, the technical support and services staff of Hostcats.com would be on stand-by to assist, provide information and update customers. Any downtime which is fallout of using external / third-party software and / or applications by the customer will not be calculated by Hostcats.com The customer shall indemnify hostcats.com of any such incident. Hostcats.com shall not be liable to give any credit / refund in such cases.

Maintenance Downtime

Maintenance Downtime is the period when hostcats.com networks and / or the customer’s servers may be down or not reachable owing to maintenance and / or repair work being performed by the Hostcats team and administrators. Customers will be given prior information atleast 24 hours before such an activity is undertaken. Such a communication shall be carried out through emails and / or the community forum, Hostcats.com shall make every feasible attempt to carry out such maintenance activity within a time window best suitable to the customer, however there is no guarantee of this happening.

Compensation or Credit

In the industry of webhosting not being able to offer 100% network uptime for the particular calendar month, a performance credit will be given to the customer’s account. Such downtime would be measured from the time customer raises a trouble ticket up until the server is once again able to send and receive data packets. A credit of 5% of the monthly hosting charges would be given to Hostcats account of customers.

“A performance credit shall not be payable unless you request it within 40 days of the end of the calendar month in respect of which the Uptime Service Level was not met.”

Exclusions of Service

(a) Downtime caused or occurring as a result of the following actions / activities shall not be considered under this Service Level Agreement.
(i) Issues / Factors / Causes outside the immediate purview of hostcats.com
(ii) Pre-Announced scheduled maintenance downtime
(iii) Customer’s Local Area Network (LAN)
(iv) Softwares / Access Limitations / within the customer’s local and internal network environment which includes but is not limited to local area workstations, firewall – both hardware and software, anti-virus / spyware programs, bandwidth shaping and configuration devices or any other such software / tool / virtual device.
(v) Any end-user software or the customer’s internet connection
(vi) Downtime or interruption to service as a result of a DoS or DDoS Attack, SYN, Port Flood, SQL Injection or similar.

B) Hostcats.com shall not be held liable to give credit or offer compensation for any failure / delay / interruptions which occur as a result of the customer, the customer’s employees / agents / contractors (sub-contractors). The instances for such occurrences include but are not limited to;
(i) Operating system / Software / Applications associated issues.
(ii) Any resource abuse / server overload / over utilization of resources on the server
(iii) Improper / inaccurate / erroneous configuration of any software
(iv) Wrong / non-compliant usage of installed softwares
(v) Issues / complications / problems arising out of operating system exploits, corruption of the OS or its binaries, service exploits, hacking or bandwidth-based attack of any nature and intensity.

Hostcats Value Privacy

Hostcats recognize that privacy is important for you. Our privacy policy outlines the types of information we use or store when you use Hostcats services. Hostcats handles your information with most care, which includes personal data, company data and subscribed service data. These data will be strictly safe guarded with our internal security measures and will not be shared unless the law demands.

Information Collection and Sharing

We will track visitors visiting our website, this will be limited to geographical location, type of services in demand, browser etc. This practice is intended to improve our services and business. We collect your information such as name, email ID, telephone number, address, zip code, website and other personal details while placing an order, contacting sales/support through email, chat or phone. This information will be used only for responses or reminders related to subscribed services depending on user inquiries. We also will use these details to notify you with our latest offers or discounts or any scheduled maintenance activities on our servers. If you are not comfortable in receiving such mails you could always unsubscribe to this service. We will not sell, rent or surrender the information to any third parties unless demanded by law. We don’t have any kind of association with advertising organizations.

Security Of Information

Informations collected from you by Hostcats through www.hostcats.com while placing an order for a service, contacting sales/support through email, chat or phone will be stored in our secure servers. These servers have limited access only to management level personalities and technical directors. We make use of best technical practices to secure the server, such as SSL, dedicated and encrypted data storage with limited access to servers.

Payment Informations

We do not keep any kind of your payment account details or payment information on our servers. Payments and related information are processed by the payment gateways listed in www.hostcats.com only through their website.

External Sites

Our website may contain links to external sites, such as Google.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, cpanel.net and much more. We will not be responsible for any kind of issues you face from any of the external websites listed in www.hostcats.com. External websites is listed for better serving and providing third party information you may require in understanding our services. Protection and privacy of information which you provide in external sites are not governed by this privacy policy.


You could always contact us if you need to make some changes in the information provided at www.hostcats.com. You can also contact us if you have any questions on this privacy policy.