How to safeguard your dedicated server?

How to safeguard your dedicated server?

During setting up your dedicated server framework, getting your applications up and running it will become your biggest concern. In any case, making your applications to work effectively without thinking about the security needs of your framework could have destroying outcomes down the line. So it is always wise to take necessary measures to safeguard your dedicated server.

How to make your dedicated server secure? Follow the points listed below to secure your dedicated server:

  • Change the Security Shell listen port: 

Every dedicated server has a security shell or as it is popularly called an SSH listen port. The number that is usually assigned to the SSH port of the dedicated servers is 22. Thus, it is always wise to change the SSH listening port to any number other than the default one or you can make it obscure. By changing the number to anything other than 22, you will be able to successfully prevent the brute force attacks on your server. The brute force attacks are nothing but trying to guess the usernames and passwords in your secure dedicated server and by changing the SSH port you will be able to make your dedicated server immune to such attacks.


  • Use the Transfer Layer Security or TLS certificates only: 

TLS or the Transfer Layer Security certificates make the data on your dedicated server secure by making sure that the data which is being transferred in between your dedicated server to another server or from your server to any other client’s system is absolutely impossible to read for any unauthorised third party. The TLS certificates make use of the latest encryption algorithms for making the data in transition scramble thus making it absolutely impossible for the cyber criminals to know what data is being sent over the connection. The critical information that gets transited can be anything from credit card information to any other important financial information and other personal data. You should always look out for the updated versions of the TLS certificates with the various encryption combinations like RSA, DSA or ECC encryption to make your dedicated server totally secure.


  • Keep the software always updated: 

Although it may sound a little goofy but if you want to make your dedicated server secure then you should always update the software whenever the updates become available. An updated server always provides you with maximum security. An outdated server serves as a heaven for the hackers which they can exploit according to their uses by making full use of the bugs in the system. But the updated versions come with the bug fixes which make it impossible for the cyber criminals to exploit. Thus, update your dedicated server as soon as the security updates become available to ensure maximum security of your server.



  • Keep changing your password from time to time: 


Change your server password from time to time then it will make it impossible for the hackers to make a guess thus it will make your system totally secure. Make your password strong so that it becomes hard to guess for someone else and keep it changing frequently to safeguard your dedicated server.

Is your dedicated server lacking security? Cyber criminals are always ready to exploit the individuals with their illegal methods. You must keep your dedicated server secure as it contains much significant personal and business related information which should not go in wrong hands.

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