How to change the file permissions in Cpanel?

How to change the file permissions in Cpanel?

Follow the below steps to modify the file permissions in Cpanel. 

Step 1: Login to your Control Panel. 

Step 2: Click the File Manager icon in home page. 


Step 3: Note that before changing the "File Permissions" in your Cpanel, you must completely read out details mentioned in this link

Step 4: In new page, select the "File/Folder" for which you like to modify the file permission. 

Step 5: A new tab named "Change Permissions" opens in the same page. Click the check boxes related to 'Read, Write & Execute' in order to alter the file permissions for a file/folder. 


Step 6: Finally, click the Change Permissions button to confirm the modifications. 

Note: It is feasible to select multiple 'Files/Folder' and modify the file permissions for them. 
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