How to view the Disk Space Usage.

Disk space usage

The Disk space usage viewer is used to enable the user to view the disk space used. It also displays the disk usage that have been taken up by various parts of the website.

Now lets see how to use Disk Usage Viewer :

Step 1: Login to the cPanel.

Step 2: Click the Disk Space Usage on your cPanel interface.

Step 3: To enable a disk option use any of the option as listed in:

Show Parent Directories will display or hide all the Parent Directories as individual items in your site.

Show More Directory Depth will display all sub directories of the currently listed directories in one depth lower.

Show Less Directory Depth will display all parent directories of the currently listed sub directories or reduce directories one level lower than the current directory.

Show Top Level will list all files and directories that exist in your home directory or top level.

Clear File Usage Cache will clear all the file usage information from cache and will recalculate all the disk usage information.

Show Small Files will display or hide very small files contained in each folder.

Show File Size as bytes/Megabytes will change between showing files in bytes or megabytes. There are 1024 bytes for every one megabyte.

//In Show Parent Directories, click the public_html. In that we can see the space used in it such as public_html, public_html/images etc.,.
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