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Package NameCorePhysical CoresRAMCPU (Processors)IP addressPrice
INDHC1Quad Core E3-1230v3416GB11*Rs.7450.00
INDHC2Quad Core E3-1230v5/v6416GB11*Rs.8450.00
INDHC3Hexa Core E5-2630/2640632GB11*Rs.10000.00
INDHC4Octa Core E5-2665/2670832GB11*Rs.11950.00
INDHC5Deca Core E5-2660v21032GB11*Rs.14750.00
INDHC6Dual Hexa Core Dual E5-26401232GB21*Rs.12800.00
INDHC7Dual Octa Core Dual E5-2665/26701664GB21*Rs.14750.00
INDHC8Dual Deca core Dual E5-2660v22064GB21*Rs.17350.00

Frequently Asked Questions

RAID available on request 4 port to 16 ports cost will be additional.

You are able to create as many IMAP or POP email accounts as you would like! Features such as Auto-Responders, Forwarding and Aliasing is also unlimited.

Our servers support an unlimited number of websites, parked domains and sub-domains, as long as you are within your allotted resources.

Yes, We offer backup services. Additional charges applicable

With root access you can potentially install any software on your server. If it requires a license you would be responsible for purchasing and applying the license.

Root access can be easily requested and granted within seconds once your account and server are fully provisioned.

Our servers, network and Data Centers are monitored 24/7 365 by on-site and in house employees.

2 IP addresses are provided with each dedicated server.

You can access your dedicated server via root access, “SSH” access for Linux based servers and “RDP” access for windows based servers.

Yes, we perform standard MRTG tracking at your server’s switch port level.

Hostcats.com can assist you with migration of websites or applications, Please email us on sales@www.hostcats.com for further assistance.

Yes we do provide cpanel for Linux based servers and Plesk for windows based servers.

Full Technical Support

With a 24/7 Ticket Response guaranteed to be provided within 20 minutes of opening a Ticket, and with a friendly and solution-focused 7 am to 11 pm Phone Support.

Skilled and Experienced Help

With Level 3 Engineers with an experience of 5+ years available and ready to assist you on the phone.

Free Anti DDoS

Ensure that your dedicated server is really protected against DDoS attacks.

Free Unlimited Traffic

Our global 4Tbps network lets you enjoy a guaranteed bandwidth and a burst service that you can rely on to handle peak capacity with UNLIMITED data uploads and downloads.

Up to 2 IPs for Free

No monthly fees, only setup fees apply.

Why should I Sign-Up with You?

Delivery time & Support

We Deliver Server within 24 hours and Phone support in English , Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam.

Free Vestacp

With our dedicated server a free vestaCP control panel will be included.

Pricing plans from 7,200

For a 32GB Server for an Intel Xeon E3-1225v2, which includes Server Management, Free Phone Support And Ticket Support.

An Unparalleled Price-Match Guarantee

Did you find someone else doing all that we do for less? Bring us the invoice and will match the price!

Free Server Management

Free Server Management – valued at 8,999/- Rs Monthly.

Free Server Management

Free Server Management – valued at 8,999/- Rs Monthly.

Based in Bangalore, India, we have an extra-solid track record of 14 years of hosting services that never fail to deliver excellence and reliability for the most competitive price.

Several Server Locations to choose from

North America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Paris and India(please contact us to learn about special terms and prices for each option)

Free Migration cPanel to cPanel

We’ll employ our best talents to help you migrate from your current cPanel into your new cPanel.

Operating System Installation &Updates

We’ll perform an unlimited number of reinstallations from our library of operating systems until we make sure all is working smoothly

Network Configuration &Troubleshooting

Dedicated problem-solvers, we’ll configure multiple IP addresses in your server, in case you purchase several of them, and will make sure you’ll have them fully activated

Initial Server Security

Dedicated problem-solvers, we’ll configure multiple IP addresses in your server, in case you purchase several of them, and will make sure you’ll have them fully activated

MySQL & Apache Optimization

Our experts will modify the default settings of MySQL and Apache to help improve system performance so that you can enjoy your VPS or dedicated server to the fullest


Dedicated Server Hosting: Why is the perfect hosting choice for you?

With the evolution of technology, the paradigm of the business world is also changing rapidly. Businesses today are looking to establishing themselves on the internet to reach out to the new generation customers with much more efficiency. As a result, most of the companies are moving forward with creating their own website in order to establish themselves firmly in the online realm. But creating a website is not easy, there are several steps involved in it. Out of all the steps, choosing the right hosting for your website is the most crucial thing.

If you are seeking for maximum storage space, bandwidth, high-end equipment, and high security then the Dedicated server hosting is the perfect hosting choice you can make. Dedicated servers use best quality equipment and advanced technologies to make sure that you get the best experience. As the name suggests, a dedicated server is completely dedicated to you. Thus, you will not have to share the hosting space with any third-party.

Being the best Indian dedicated server provider, we at Hostcats provide you with the highest quality dedicated server India. The Indian DC server services that we offer are truly unparalleled and provide you with the best value for money you spend.

Why should you choose dedicated server hosting?

Few things every business owner looks out for choosing the hosting server for their website are quality, performance, and safety. The Dedicated server provides you with everything you want. As we said before, a dedicated server generally makes use of an advanced data center and high-end equipment to provide hosting services. So, you can be totally assured about the technology that is being used on your hosting server.

As per as performance is concerned, nothing can top the performance provided by the dedicated servers. From providing maximum server uptime to high speed and optimization of loading time, you will get everything you need to provide your web audience with an extraordinary experience.

With the development of digital technology, the rate of cyber crimes has increased too. The advanced technologies have enabled cybercriminals to utilize loopholes in the system to attack the systems and create havoc. Thus, it has become extremely necessary to seek utmost protection for your website as well as the server. And dedicated servers can provide you with the perfect solution for this problem.

As the name suggests, the dedicated servers are dedicated to your website. Thus, it cannot be accessed by any third-party. Plus, the dedicated servers are protected by military-grade encryption which is virtually impossible to hack. Thus, when it comes to security then there is nothing quite as exceptional as a dedicated server.

Even if it is true that there are companies claiming to offer the best quality dedicated server India, it still tough to choose the best one for your website. For most of the companies, the Indian DC server cost is very high. Thus, it becomes impossible for most of the people to afford them. And those who offer services at low Indian DC server prices generally compromises with the quality.

However, you do not need to worry about anything since we at Hostcats are there to help you out. Hostcats, being the leading dedicated servers provider offers you with the highest quality dedicated hosting services. Since we consider ourselves to be completely customer oriented, we have designed our Indian DC server packages in such a way that it suits everyone’s pockets.

So, why wait any further? Go to the dedicated server hosting from us at Hostcats and provide your customers with an extraordinary web experience.