We live in a digitalised world where most of the processes of your company have shifted to the online realm. The website of your company contains all the critical information about your company which if lost can prove to be a huge trouble for your organisation. Thus, what you need is a daily backup plan which will keep an online backup of all your company data on a regular basis and will prevent it from getting lost.

At Hostcats, we offer you the remote server backup. With remote server backup, you will be able to keep your files and information safe in our server; and you will also be able to access it whenever you want to.

We also offer the r1 soft backup which provides you with endless benefits. The r1 soft back up is an incremental type of backup plan of superior quality and you will be able to access all your back up files at a very fast speed any time you want. Moreover, the r1 soft backup plan is multi-tenant thus it provides a constant functionality along with enriched user experience and at the same time maintains the boundaries of the tenants; so it is perfect for your hosting background.

Still not convinced about the benefits of daily backup? Then have a look:

  • Daily backup plan will make it convenient for you to access your backed up files at any time you want
  • Will help to keep your critical business data safe
  • You will be able to recover your data easily in case of data loss
  • Our daily backup plan is highly affordable thus you will have no problem in owning it

Backup everything essential from your website with our daily backup plan and enjoy being online


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  • Back up Remote Location
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Quick Restore

The demand for quality cloud backup service India has increased with time and every day more and more website owners in the Indian market are looking up for the best online cloud backup service. With the advent of time, the craze among people to create an influential online presence for their business has also risen hence more people are joining this realm in search of making more profit and money. But the online processes are not totally risk-free since there is always a chance of data loss of your website due to any hardware problem or the foul activities of the cybercriminals. So it is always wise to create a backup for all your important files so that they can be accessed easily without any difficulties at the time of need. Hostcats being the best online backup company in Bangalore offers the best cloud backup service to all the website owners in the country so that they can ensure maximum security for the critical data.

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Being the top backup company in Bangalore, our main duty is to provide our clients with the high quality affordable online cloud backup service Bangalore. At Hostcats, we always do our best to ensure that our clients are getting best quality services in data backup and are satisfied with it. Moreover, we have our packages designed in such a way that you can easily afford them irrespective of your budgetary limitations. Grab our packages to avail the best cloud backup services today and save your data from getting lost. Allow the online backup company Bangalore to treat you with exceptional services.