Built For Speed And Unparalleled Performance!

Built For Speed And Unparalleled Performance! Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Ultimate Deal On Dedicated Servers

Get Most Secured, Managed & Affordable Servers

Host a business website, blog or forum on a server equipped with a high-frequency Intel Xeon processor. This configuration is also ideal for companies that want to share multimedia files and content with employees and customers.


CPU: Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1225v2 Cores / Threads : 4c/4t Freq: 3.2GHz /3.6GHz

RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333 MHz

Disks: SoftRaid 3x2TB SATA

Bandwidth: 250 Mbps IP Address: 1
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CPU: Processor :Intel Xeon D-1540 - 8c/ 16t -2GHz/ 2.6GHz

RAM : 32GB DDR4 ECC 2133MHz

Disks: 2x2TB HDD SATA Soft RAID

Bandwidth: 500 Mbps IP Address: 1
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CPU : Intel Xeon-D 2123IT - 4c/ 8t - 2.2GHz/ 3GHz

Memory : 32GB DDR4 ECC 2400MHz

Disks :2x500 GB HDD SSD Soft RAID Bandwidth:

1 Gbps - Bandwidth: 1 Gbps IP Address: 1
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IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Each server has a public IPv4 address and an IPv6 address range. As an option, you can rent additional IPv4 addresses for your dedicated server (up to 256 per machine).

500 GB of storage space

Each dedicated server has a storage space of 500 GB available, dedicated to backups. This space, completely independent of the server, allows you to store your data and configuration files. The storage capacity can be increased if needed.

DDoS Protection

To guarantee maximum security for your infrastructures, an anti-DDoS system is included with all of your Hostcats dedicated servers. It ensures the continuity of service of your applications in case of attack.

Public Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s

Your server has a default minimum bandwidth. Incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited and free (with the exception of our datacentres located in Asia Pacific). You also have the option of increasing the volume of your bandwidth.


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