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Introducing the TLD of the future! Get a .IO domain name for just Rs. 3,880 21st Nov 2020

It’s Simple, It’s IO Two simple characters represent Input and Output a concept that forms the basis of everything technology. .IO is a modern domain extension that signifies innovation and technology. Quickly becoming the domain extension of choice for tech start-ups and gaming companies.  At ... Read More »

Mail Server Maintenance 24th Oct 2020

Dear Customers, Kindly note that we will be experiencing mail service downtime due to scheduled maintenance on Oct 25th from 2:00 AM IST until 5:AM IST. During this period the Inbound Filtering Domain Console will not be available. Some Inbound API operations, especially operations which create or modify recipients, will also be unavailable. ... Read More »

Emergency Power Maintenance 22nd Oct 2020

Dear Customers, The DC has scheduled an Emergency Power Maintenance in the Rack where our HyperV server is located and your VPS is running on the same server. The Maintenance is to replace an Automatic Power Transfer Switch (ATS). The window for this maintenance is from 3:30 AM IST to 5:30 AM IST on October 23, 2020. Though the maintenance ... Read More »

Scheduled Kernel upgrade needed for the node "Megatron" 17th Jul 2020

Greetings We want to make you aware that in the midnight by the end of rush hours (18-July-20 at 12 am), there will be scheduled downtime for approximately 2 to 3 hours. We will be using the time to run a mandatory kernel update for your infrastructure to bring stability to all of your services. To ensure uptime and stability of the platform. We ... Read More »

Scheduled electrical system maintenance in the rack 20th Feb 2020

We have detected an issue with the electrical system in the rack where our following shared servers and list of IP's service is located. -   -    ... Read More »

Migration from Cpanel To Directadmin has been completed for 4 servers 23rd Aug 2019

Dear Customers, Migration from Cpanel To Directadmin has been completed for 4 servers below are the Ip's server11: To access the control panel, please use the port number "2222" or you can access using server ip address as listed ... Read More »

Migration from Cpanel To Directadmin has been started for IP : 8th Aug 2019

Dear Customers,   We are starting one of our shared servers "" "" migration from cpanel to Directadmin today,   Kindly keep checking your websites and applications, Incase you start facing any issues, Kindly open a ticket to,   We will keep you updated about the migration status ... Read More »

Final Reminder : Delete Accounts Which Are Not Pointing To Your Reseller Account 6th Aug 2019

Dear Clients,   I hope you have gone through my previous email about new cpanel pricing, Incase if you have missed kindly visit below url,   Now its time to delete/terminate the accounts which are not pointing to your reseller account or hostcats ... Read More »

New Cpanel Pricing & Alternate Option 26th Jul 2019

There was an Important Announcement from Cpanel about its control panel licensing was released a few days back. On June 27th, 2019 cPanel announced a massive pricing increase that will apply to all partners. They claimed that the pricing has not changed in 20 years and that a price increase is long overdue.  So they have changed its ... Read More »

Get in line for .DESIGN | TLD of the Fortnight 19th Jul 2019

Join the branding revolution with .DESIGN When your domain matches exactly what you do, your branding game is bound to be on point!     Why offer .DESIGN to your customers?       Professional and powerful, the best choice for a ... Read More »